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Applied Health Science

Program(s) Available: B.S.

To live life to the fullest, we must prioritize our overall health and wellness. If this topic interests you, the applied health science major could be for you!

Why Study Applied Health Science at Northwest

The applied health science major is perfect if you want to work in health, wellness, kinesiology, and disease prevention. Students learn how to create and deliver comprehensive health and wellness programs that enhance the physical, cognitive and psychosocial well-being of clients. Faculty are true experts in the field and want to make sure you're comfortable with all topics before starting your career. 

Students have the option to specialize in aging studies, exercise science, health coaching, or sports medicine. Tracks of emphasis allow students to learn about working with the aging population, learn about exercise and its role in obtaining overall health, understand the psychological side of improving health, and allow students to complete prerequisites for a future in sports medicine.

Regardless of your chosen track, our goal is to help you land your dream job after graduation. How? It's simple. We give students hands-on experience on day one. Courses expose students to elements of the industry as early as the first year. You'll learn about human anatomy, human physiology, exercise science, health and more! Students also have the opportunity to volunteer for community initiatives like the Camp Cope youth bereavement program, the Outdoor Odyssey program for veterans, the Kip Kittens youth gymnastics program and more.

Pick your path

Aging Studies

If you are interested in learning more about the aging process and meeting the needs of older populations, this could be the track for you. Students specializing in aging studies gain a comprehensive understanding of how the body ages and how to care for older individuals.


Exercise Science

If you're interested in learning how the human body reacts to physical activity, this may be the track for you. Students pursuing exercise science participate in hands-on learning activities designed to mimic real-world experiences. Students also have many opportunities to volunteer!

Exercise Science 4-year Plan

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a field that focuses on the intersection of health information and behavior change. Professionals in this field have a deep understanding of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition, and how these factors impact overall health. This knowledge allows them to empathize with clients' health challenges and offer practical solutions. Health coaches are unique in that they possess the tools and skills to help clients establish new habits and sustain long-term changes. They are not merely a source of information but rather a catalyst for transformation in the healthcare industry.

Health Coaching 4-year Plan

Sports Medicine

A multidisciplinary field, sports and exercise medicine is concerned with treating and preventing injury resulting from athletic activity. Nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, and physicians can all work within sports medicine.

These professionals help patients recover from acute traumas like sprains, dislocations, fractures, and injuries resulting from chronic overuse, such as tendonitis and overtraining syndrome.

The widespread popularity of professional sports and the healthcare industry's continued emphasis on preventative medicine make now a great time to pursue a sports medicine career.

Sports Medicine 4-year Plan

Career Ready

I felt that Northwest provided a lot of resources and services for the students to succeed. I also loved the campus size and the high rate of students succeeding after they graduate. — Elisa Greer

Career Opportunities

  • Personal training
  • Corporate wellness
  • Sports performance
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Youth development
  • Senior wellness 

What Can I Do With a Major in Applied Health Science?


The Mozingo Outdoor Recreation Area (MOERA) offers more than 320 acres of land dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities for Northwest students.


Robert and Virginia Foster Fitness Center

The Robert and Virginia Foster Fitness Center is available for students to gain experience managing facilities, developing programs and personal training.

Students gain between 480 and 560 hours of profession-based experience during supervised internships lasting 12 to 16 weeks. Internships are available at cardiac rehabilitation facilities, private and not-for-profit wellness and fitness centers, municipal health agencies, senior centers, long-term care facilities and athletic training centers. 

Robert and Virginia Foster Fitness Center

Martindale Hall renovation

A renovation underway at Martindale Hall, the home of Northwest's School of Health Science and Wellness, will add seven lab spaces, including a sports science lab and a recreation and abilities lab.

Martindale Hall renovation
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